The Neon Aesthetic Barbiegeddon livestream

Hey there,

I had so much fun with you guys on my first Instagram livestream, so I decided to edit the whole Barbie story live with your input!

Download the first piece of the chronicles “The Barbie suck-fuck-hole”:



Livestream on Instagram on wednesdays, ,  11am Brisbane time! (3 am Berlin, 9 pm tuesday NY time, 6pm tuesday California time! ) Follow me here: CYBERCITYPUNK

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So what is “The Neon Aesthetic Barbiegeddon Chronicles” about?

Basically, we invented the story yesterday and it is flexible, it just goes with the flow. Until now we have started to create a picture about part one: The Barbie Suckhole. In a futuristic cyberpunk city opens a wormhole that sucks everything into a suck fuckhole (I can’t remember why called it like this xD) and spits it out on a misterious planet where evil droid dolls with Lasernipples reign.

Thanks to, @imjeykey @nrq_ui@dyna_corp for participating in the birth of this bullshit <3

This is how it looks until now:

Second Round – Bruce and Lilith rule the world

Ok, in the second livestream we added some deatils to this awesome story: There are some cars that spit out replikants out of their burrs, so called replikant machines. And as these machines are not a standalone AI, they will be operated by ute robots that look like a mix between Wall-E and E.T.! The beautiful droids are named Bruce and Lilith!

Here is how it looks now:

Third round – they eat babies!

Ok, so the evil cyberpunk robots have a slot with sharp teeth and they are fueled by human babies. So the barbies fuck human guys and eat them and breed their babies in we don’t know what, yet. Maybe you know? So please tell me in the comments or in the next livestream! The robots also have spikes to shoot human slaves xD

This is how it looks now:

Round four – grab some boobs and babies!

Thank you so much for participating today @nrq-ui @irvine_starngler (Mike) and @liamwon9 .

We didn’t do a lot for the story today, we just figured out that wombs are women’s stomachs and that we women actually puke babies. Also we realized that men are not attracted to barbie droids with cute kittens.

I will finish the pic until wednesday and show it to you, send it to you, and then we can move on to create the fantastic planet! YAY!

This is how the surrealistic neon aesthetic barbiegeddon looks now:

The Barbie suck-fuck-hole is ready to download

So excited to start with the planet today!!! Here is the final berbiegeddon piece:



Chapter 2 – The Barbie Planet of terror!

Oh maaan, my phone just died xD so I couldn’t say goodbye to you! Anway, today it was a pretty aesthetic stream, as we just concentrated on creating beautiful planets with deadly gases and dying planets that burst into million pieces. That will be a very nice neon aesthetic planet!

retrowave planet cybercitypunk

Meet Joe, the friendly Galactopussy

Today we created some more background vibes for this freaky madness and added aesthetic palmtrees and a nice space tentacle monster named Joe! Also a new star constellation has been born: The big dipper, also known as pan.

Thanks to @citvdelblvck @irvine_strangler @nrq_ui and @mendozajesse

cybercitypunk retrowave planet galaxy

This time we just dived into darkness

Wow guys, this stream was fueled by pure satanic forces! Inspired by a chat I had earlier with Grimlin80 I saw some kind of shrine in a pic nrq_ui sent me some day. And so we created an evil shrine with a smash bros hand with a black hole. Nice. Evil. The evil droid Barbies have a purpose of sacrificing humans now 😀

Thanks for participating






evil synthwave god


Attack of the space jelly!

Taco_tocino and Babel_infocalypse are masters of spacejelly!!! Thanks for creating some new monsters together. We now have to think about the role they are playing in this universe….

Neon aesthetic planet with goat god and jellyfish


Let’s give birth to some replicants

We have been creating some life today. Finally, the replicant machines are connected to some kind of biopods that breed little barbies. Nice.

barbiegeddon cybercitypunk neon aesthetic


A trip to Heartland

Today was a really weird stream. While we were working on drowning skeletons, @cordially_darren took us on a trip to Heartland, USA. Heartland is not as kind as it sounds, the summers are hot and this makes it even colder. Somehow it turned out we were part of his “out of body” experience (well, at least that is the story I tell you now xD). He explained, it was like looking down on you and have no control over your body and the body makes what it wants. I felt like in Twin Peaks. Should be kind of a David Lynch movie. So didn’t he have control over his body watching my livestream? Was that the reason he watched the whole stream? xD

Neon aesthetic barbie chronicles making of the planet


Brendan Mothrider

“Look at this moth, it’s so alone there in the corner!” I said. “Let Brendan Fraser ride it”, cordially_darren answered. Mothrider was born. He is basically the pet-Ken of this sick Barbieworld, with a collar that explodes when he does something wrong! What could he possibly do wrong? You tell me!

Neon aesthetic barbie chronicles making of the planet

Please send me pics of stuff that shall appear on the planet 😀 Any pets, plants, objects welcome, just be sure you have the rights on the images 🙂