Digital portraits from a neon future

What does the future have to offer that we might not even think of yet? When will the line between human and machine dissolve and bring us to a new step of evolution? And who will be in control of our minds, when we finally connect them to the internet?

We are a species that wants to progress and that considers itself as the most powerful and wise on this planet. We are used to complain about things when it’s already to late and our imagination of reality and its possible options is very limited when we talk about it for real. I mean, everyone can imagine a story about traveling in space and time, but how many people actually believe it’s possible?

I want to believe that while I live, the superbrains in this world will discover incredible things and invent technologies that makes our lifespans longer and set free our imagination of reality.

The dissolution of our reality is already happening for years now, with us, having offline and online lives and personalities. I am excited to see how virtual reality will affet our everyday life in only 10 years, when facebook and all the other social media channels are not only on our displays, but all around us, or even connected to our brain.

Are we able to stop that? That’s a question I ask myself everyday, but as I said, we complain and regulate things when it’s already too late. Because, hey, what could possibly go wrong when facebook can read our thoughts, right? Well, think about it for a second. (If you are interested in this topic, I will soon write a blog post about that.)

Digital portraits and some questions you should ask yourself

My series “Digital portraits from a neon future” visualizes us as some kind of  post human beings, maybe cyborgs, maybe avatars from a virtual reality. I like to ask my followers questions when I post the pics and I love the discussions I am sometimes able to provoke. Follow me on Insta, if you want to take part or write a comment below. I would be happy to hear your thoughts!

Digital reflection


digital art portrait with neon eyes cybercitypunk

Is your digital reflection similar to your offline self? How do you talk to people online? What do you dare to do, what you would never do while looking someone in the eyes? How photoshopped are your digital portraits?

I wanted to call it mirror, but the truth is, it is rather our reflection out there in the online world. Something that is clearly not the same as our offline self.

digital portrait artist cybercitypunk




digital art portrait cybercitypunk

What could we connect to our minds in the future? What could be controlled by our thoughts and who would control our thoughts?

Hearing about Elon Musk’s new project “Neuralink“, I realized that I don’t really want this to happen while I am living. I really don’t want my brain to be hacked by some cyber asshole or the government. Do you? But Musk says it’s rather to enable us to communicate through telepathy and to stop AIs from taking over. Interesting. Read more about this here.


technology art artificial intellicence pic

Then, just a few weeks later, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was working on a way to read the thoughts of his users, so they don’t have to type anymore. According to Regina Dugan, head of the project, “It sounds impossible but it’s closer than you may realize.”

Is this the right prize for being a lazy ass, that doesn’t want to type anymore?

Read more about facebook reading your thoughts here.


Still human?


What does make us human? How much organic body parts will we have to change to be classified as something else? Is it maybe only our mind and feelings that make us who we are and what we are?

Game over


Virtual reality is the next big thing, changing our perception of reality. But when will reality and virtual reality become the same? When won’t we be able anymore to distinguish?

Post human @iamsavinsky. If you want me to do a digital portrait of you, contact me!

Edit for Taylor. Fragmentation.

Alone in time


I would love to live 300 years. But I am a super social person and I wondered, who would live with me for that long? Would I become a lonely vampire? Sounds romantic and I adore vampires, but it really made me think about the accessibility to new technology that will give us longer lives. I guess, even if we could produce 3D printed organs for 5 cent the piece, still they would cost like 60000$ to implant and would be affordable only for the rich. Because we need not only to develop technologies, but also to change our mindset, so everyone can benefit from it. And who would want the world’s population to grow incalculably…?


Last question (?)