Hello human being,

my name is Claudia Duczkowska and I am a digital artist, made in the 90’s, exploring the beauty and the dangers of technology and artificial intelligence. With my art, I want to open a dialogue about the future human being and technology that can make our lifespans longer and everyday life totally different. I would love to live for 300 years and that’s why I try to visualize my idea of futuristic cybercities, influenced by movies like Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell.

But I am afraid our planet won’t make it that long.

Apart from working on digital photo collages, I also experiment with 360° videos and participate in augmented reality and virtual reality art projects to see how these technologies can bring art to the next step – digital immersion.

The neon aesthetics in my art are inspired by new retro wave art and music. Although I am not an 80’s child, I love the overall aesthetics that the new synth movement brought back to life and reinvented.

While creating i love to listen to retro wave (Gost, Carpenter Brut, Waveshaper) and industrial and noise music (Xotox, Sonar). Electronic music just goes so well with what I create and influences the type and mood of work I am creating.

I became a passionate traveler (currently travelling the world) and photographer with 15. My most beautiful and creative encounters I use to have with my best friend from Argentina. My cam broke 2 months ago and I am still suffering, trying to repair it.

My first digital art piece was a gif of a duck meeting a whale and shit itself because of fear.

Well, a lot happened since then and so we meet here and now, in this cyberspace, where I am creating a place of inspiration for everyone who loves futuristic neon aesthetics, paired with the new retro wave movement.

Art blog – “Eye on – the neon aesthetics artist interview”

In my digital art blog, I will provide you with an interview series called “Eye on – the neon aesthetics artist interview”. You will have the possibility to get to know your favorite artists better and see what inspires them, how they create digital art, what technologies they use, and what they expect from the future. I am super excited about that!

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Apart from the interviews I want to share with you some thoughts on the evolution of technology and how technology can be used for art.

You can also see my work in progress, my failed attempts, read some freaky stories and get freebies.

Work with me

I am always love to collab with artists and I love to edit portraits, so just write me an e-mail or send me a message on Instagram.

If you have an interesting project or job offer for me, contact me per mail, please.